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A world of fragrances with Francesca Dell'Oro.

Francesca Dell'Oro's aromas are inspired by her birthplace, the fragrances in the gardens around Lake Como. Its line of fragrance is born thanks to the creativity of Francesca who puts all his enthusiasm in translating the olfactory evocations in a state of mind. Dynamism is its strong point, in fact, it will be the continuous development and look for brand new and original inspirations. It follows every artistic move and the creation of perfumes, making sure that individuals who work with her be aware of the ambiance and also the spirit she wants to recreate with her fragrances.

All the different Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum along with its special character.

The perfumes Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum, are perfumes to be construed, the truth is they already have numerous features that make them distinctive and inimitable. They may be uncommon, classy and, most importantly, they can boost the relationship with their inner self. We are talking about essences by using their sinuousness or with their pungent solidity will almost always be astonishing and they are ordinary and translucent to those who use them to become very first assimilated after which distributed to the surface planet.

Good quality and character, here are the key phrases of Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum.

The scents Francesca Dell'Oro have a intricate and faceted character, in reality, they may be thick and passionate, sometimes study and enchanting, but contradictory and irreverent, without abandoning the essence that distinguishes them, or the pleasure of living. The raw materials are of high quality, chosen one of the noblest and the majority of valued, from around the world and combined with art using the timeless rules of art perfumes combined with a modern-day feel.

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Passion and research for the creation of perfumes

Francesca Dell'Oro has worked in graphics’ environment and on the launch of new products for various companies in the fashion industry. Since 2011 she started to produce perfumes, launching her own line of fragrances: Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum. These perfumes are able to amplify the bond with their inner self, with light, romantic, but irreverent fragrances that express the “ joie de vivre” anyway. The perfumes are made exclusively with the best raw materials from all over the world.

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