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Francesca Dell'Oro, a fragrance artist.

Make the right choice with the perfumes of Francesca Dell'Oro by using its specific scents can greatest convey your character. The line of perfumes comes into the world from Francesca's desire for the fragrances which can be seen in nature, the truth is, its fragrance range came to be accurately encouraged through the smells from the landscapes surrounding Lake Como, its place of birth. His good results is because of his constant interest in seeking and exploring new and authentic inspirations.

Francesca Dell'Oro Cologne: aromas to "read".

The perfumes Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum, are fragrances being interpreted, actually they already have countless features that make them unique and inimitable. They can be unconventional, elegant and, first and foremost, they are able to boost the link making use of their inner self. We are speaking about essences by investing in their sinuousness or with their pungent solidity will almost always be unexpected and they are generally plain and obvious to individuals who use them to be first assimilated after which shared with the surface world.

High quality and character, here are the keywords of Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum.

Francesca Dell'Oro's perfumes always stunning for their faceted and sophisticated personality that sometimes overwhelms among others affect for the lightness, but for positive all the fragrances have in common the joie de vivre. The real key issue is they are quality products, created using the ideal raw materials, chosen some of the most prized and coming from all over the world.

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Passion and research for the creation of perfumes

Francesca Dell'Oro has worked in graphics’ environment and on the launch of new products for various companies in the fashion industry. Since 2011 she started to produce perfumes, launching her own line of fragrances: Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum. These perfumes are able to amplify the bond with their inner self, with light, romantic, but irreverent fragrances that express the “ joie de vivre” anyway. The perfumes are made exclusively with the best raw materials from all over the world.

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