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A world of fragrances with Francesca Dell'Oro.

Create the appropriate selection with all the scents of Francesca Dell'Oro that with its unique fragrances can best present your personality. The range of fragrances occurs from Francesca's adoration for the aromas that are found in nature, in reality, its scent collection came to be precisely determined with the smells in the landscapes around Lake Como, its place of birth. His good outcomes is due to his consistent interest in attempting to find and discovering new and initial inspirations.

With Francesca Dell'Oro Fragrance commonly utilizing an thrilling smell.

The fragrances Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum, are aromas to turn out to be interpreted, in actuality they have so several characteristics that will make them exclusive and inimitable. They may be non-traditional, stylish and, most importantly, they are capable to bring up the relationship because of their internal self. We have been mentioning to essences by investment in their sinuousness or using their pungent hardness are constantly unexpected and they are common and apparent to individuals who put them on staying first digested after which usually shared with the outer world.

Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum: excellent.

Francesca Dell'Oro's aromas in general lovely for their faceted and complicatedindividuality that at times overwhelms yet others impact because of its lightness, but additionally for good every of the aromas reveal the joie de vivre. The key component is that they are reliable products, produced with the most effective raw materials, selected one of the most valued and coming from close to the globe.

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Passion and research for the creation of perfumes

Francesca Dell'Oro has worked in graphics’ environment and on the launch of new products for various companies in the fashion industry. Since 2011 she started to produce perfumes, launching her own line of fragrances: Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum. These perfumes are able to amplify the bond with their inner self, with light, romantic, but irreverent fragrances that express the “ joie de vivre” anyway. The perfumes are made exclusively with the best raw materials from all over the world.

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