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A world of perfumes with Francesca Dell'Oro.

The spectacular range of aromas produced by Francesca Dell'Oro comes into the world in the old passion that has always been as small as it is actually for all the smells and aromas that appear from the landscapes nearby the shores of Lake Como, its native place. Francesca in developing her fragrances positions all her creativeness and determination to get the olfactory evocations that involve people who opt for her merchandise. He looks for to always have new inspirations which can be authentic and carefully adheres to all innovative actions to produce perfumes.

With Francesca Dell'Oro Scent always putting on an fascinating scent.

The distinctiveness of Francesca dell'Oro's fragrances is right away obvious because of their specific character, in fact, they are fragrances to get interpreted given their particular and inimitable features that happen to be reflected in high-class and contemporary packing. By putting on these stylish and unconventional scents, you are able to boost the bond with the inner self. With their sinuousness or smelly asperity they are able to usually delight and at the same time they are also translucent and simply assimilable to get distributed to the surface entire world.

Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum: character and high good quality raw materials.

The aromas Francesca Dell'Oro possess a complicated and faceted individuality, actually, they can be heavy and serious, either read through and passionate, but contradictory and irreverent, with out abandoning the essence that distinguishes them, or the delight of living. The raw materials are of top quality, picked one of the noblest and the majority of prized, from worldwide and combined with art work after the traditional policies of create fragrances along with a modern effect.

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Passion and research for the creation of perfumes

Francesca Dell'Oro has worked in graphics’ environment and on the launch of new products for various companies in the fashion industry. Since 2011 she started to produce perfumes, launching her own line of fragrances: Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum. These perfumes are able to amplify the bond with their inner self, with light, romantic, but irreverent fragrances that express the “ joie de vivre” anyway. The perfumes are made exclusively with the best raw materials from all over the world.

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