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Francesca Dell'Oro

"When I close my eyes, offering myself to the scents in the air, in my mind flavors, smells and colors blend together and make up a vibrant and compelling melody; a story that overcomes and captures me. The alchemy of a fragrance that comes to life on skin and that leads to the interior identity of each one, this is perfume for me and this is what I want to create"

Francesca Dell’Oro

Francesca Dell’Oro was born in Lecco along the elegant sides of Como Lake. Since her childhood she was passionate about aromas and perfumes coming from the gardens surrounding it. After a Degree in Communications at IULM University in Milan, Francesca worked for several firms taking care of graphic and launch of new products in the fashion area. Hereafter, as the owner of a boutique, she dedicated herself to stylistic research and, in particular, to the addition of new fragrances to combine with fashion collections.

In 2011 Francesca, giving voice to her creative impulse and to her continuous passion for perfumery’s world, she decided to launch her personal fragrance line trying to translate in frames of mind her favourite olfactory evocations.

2015 was a very important year: thanks to the introduction of three new fragrances, the brand Francesca Dell’oro defines itself.

In this occasion it is also introduced a new packaging, luxurious and contemporary at the same time. In order to realize her project, Francesca worked with perfumers of international firms, who were able to understand her creative ideas and, giving their experience and quality, were also able to create unique and exclusive fragrances. Francesca is a very dinamic person, always looking for inspiration. She is the leader and the coordinator of every creative steps and it’s her priority that her collaborators catch deeply her spirit and the atmosphere that she wants to recreate in her fragrances.

Her training, accomplished thanks to many years of research courses concerning the study of raw materials, is really skilled and up-to-date.


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